Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slight Delusions

And another one..


My tracks:Paramour

A new one,just uploaded..
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paramour (lyrics)

ready,for starters
Stockkeeper found me standing at the door
Pick up the pieces of my spinal cord
Oh,scared the shit out of me
that irksome doll
staring with eyes
of a paramour
and i can speak with certainty
i had not much left
but to be waiting for you
the blaze on the razor
come with me
not come for me
or come cause I can
sink my all in your amazing bottom
he no more focuses
he,I have to grab a hand and
now or he won't know anything ever
he won't care for anything ever
there all along
and once he knows it,gone (he,not it)
cause then he's gonna be elsewhere
Spanking is the rule-haha
I bothered asking
what's the end of it
golden teeth pulled out
and washed in turpentine
fair enough if you ask me
cause I owe some good shoes to my partner
where are they?
(the teeth or the shoes?)
(no answer)
they're behind that velvet curtain
alright,now take it out and move around in grace

Slight Delusions

A room's a hug
A hug's a room
I spat you upon saying
close your eyes cause I'm leaving.Now.

I am the man
I clapped twice when I knew it
and the closets turned wide open
cause we were one and no more
should we yell over some slight delusions

Horrible detection
That stinky smell
under your bed
I swear I didn't pee
I swear I'd never spill my dirt
to stifle you

And if I did you should have guessed
You should have known that we were done
and no more should we yell over some slight delusions

Roleplay invents itself each time
I forge your name
All started when you tied my shoelace
right by the radiator

Glue on the skin
at first thirst quenched,
then laundry dried
it's good the ashtrays keep their wounds alive

My God,my God,my fucking hypertwo-edged plan
reminds me I can be both
Both shit and wit
and if I can still "come" is cause I know
that pain will fuck your domino construction

So give me it
this wicked thing
I've got to whip
I've got to take it as a one
that can no more yell over some slight delusions


Θα σας πω..
Ύπηρξε μια εποχή που εκείνο το παιδί
στεκόταν στη μέση του κύκλου
βλέποντας το κάρβουνο να τραβάει το δρόμο του
για τις πιο μακρινές και κρύες πολιτείες.
Πάνω στο τελευταίο βαγόνι της αμαξοστοιχίας, το μεταφορικό.
Ήταν ένα ωραίο ταξίδι που κατέληγε σε ξόδεμα.
Εγώ το έβλεπα μόνο απ'έξω.
Και το θαύμαζα περισσότερο
απ'όσο μπορώ να ομολογήσω.
Μετά έμπλεξα..
Μυστήριο στοιχείο το ξύλο.
Γι αυτό προτιμώ το καμμένο ξύλο.
Αυτό το μυρίζεις,ξέρεις τι είναι.
Τα υπόλοιπα δεν μπορώ να σας τα πω,δεν τα αφουγκράστηκα καν..
Και αν μπορώ να υποθέσω,θα είναι μάλλον γιατί έχω ζωηρή φαντασία.
Δεν έκανα άλλες τέτοιες συναλλαγές στο παρελθόν.
Εκτός βέβαια..
Από μια φορά που παρακολούθησα το θαυμαστό θέαμα
του ατσαλιού.
Εκπληκτικής ποιότητας υλικό,αδύνατο η σκέψη να αρκεστεί
στα φτωχομπινέδικα σιδηρορινίσματα.
Δε βαριέσαι,έκλεψα ό,τι προεξείχε και το έδωσα.
Τώρα το τρένο κυλάει πάνω σε ατσάλινες τροχιές.
Και μπατάρει.
Γιατί είναι παλιό.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My tracks: You know my name

Music by me and lyrics kindly offered by the dear friend Daniel Moran..

Here is the link to listen to it:


Thursday, June 19, 2008

My tracks: Needles

Here is a simple,acoustic version of my song "Needles".
You can download it from here: