Thursday, June 19, 2008

My tracks: Needles

Here is a simple,acoustic version of my song "Needles".
You can download it from here:


Thanos said...

Hello little miss Whristlet,

Since you're posting in english i'll do the same here. First of, I love your voice. A common frined introduced me to your music! I have no music knowledge so I can't comment anything close to constructive as far as composing or lyrics writing goes, so I'll just give you some links that you might find interesting. I'm preparing a list with bands with female vocals for my blog, so here are some stuff i'm going to put there. Some of them might even suit your style.
Hope you like it!


Hannah Furry:

The Bird & The Bee:

Karmella's Game:

PS: Those songs might not be the best songs from those artists. It's just something I was listening to while I was browsing your blog.